Kitty Kitty

Kitty Kittyyeah, he does that
the moaning
that funny sound
the charming look with lips that never settle down
wow, wow, wow
how confusing this could be!
we don’t know where the ball are going to after it touches the wall
but i have to go now
no, i can’t stay
i have things to do, places to be… and things to do
unless… if i could just say
but i don’t have time
i don’t have time for you
and you don’t have enough time to be mine
oh, you look so cute
i guess we’re somewhere in between our flaws,
our time, our lives, our crimes, our lies
we’re hanging in time to see what will happen at the end of the scene
like a big act we both love so much, we’re not closing the windows
we just left it open… to see the day gone by and shine…



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